TC Rock Consulting

We are driven by transparency and authenticity. Our focus is on delivering tailored marketing, e-commerce, and consumer-first strategies and execution that precisely align with your business needs.

Founded in 2017 by Tena Crock, a seasoned senior-level leader with over two decades of experience in Ecommerce and digital marketing. With a primary focus on direct-to-consumer companies, Tena has held key roles such as fractional CMO, VP of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, and Leadership positions within service organizations. Her expertise drives our commitment to your success.

Marketing Growth Acceleration

It’s What We Do

Our strategic approach empowers businesses to optimize their marketing operations, achieve efficiency, and accelerate growth by identifying improvement areas and addressing growth obstacles with precision and purpose quickly.

Identify Valuable Improvement Areas:

  • – Create Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) enhancements.
  • – Streamline Cost-Per-Acquisition (CAC) for marketing efficiency.
  • – Refine operations to optimize Key Performance Metrics.


Then We Execute to Address Major Growth Obstacles:

  • – Strategically refine market approaches for sustained success.
  • – Build high-performing teams to drive results.
  • – Integrate technology for operational excellence.


With challenges ranging from market strategy to team building and tech integration, it’s crucial to replace ineffective methods with precise, actionable plans. Our approach ensures efficient use of resources and accelerates growth.

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How We Do It

Our methodology foundation remains the same, but the areas of focus are tailored to meet your specific needs, business's growth stage, and pre-identified areas of opportunity.

Our Process

Discovery and Insights

Interview stakeholders, teammates and vendors, and review brand documentation, marketing calendars, and planned campaigns to assess the current state across key growth dimensions.

Deep Dive Analysis

Gain deeper insight into business needs and challenges by analyzing data such as analytics, KPIs, campaign performance, and customer research.  We ask the right questions to quickly discover gaps, opportunities, and challenge existing assumptions.


We review our findings and propose a North Star Recommendation with stakeholders, pinpointing the potential obstacles and opportunities that may impede achieving the vision, and evaluate competing or complementary priorities against the overall business strategy.

Blueprint Review

Provide strategic recommendation, including prioritized roadmap, ROI, and resource needs to transition from the current to the desired future state.


Carry out the action plans to implement the new Strategy. We can hand the plans to your team for implementation, provide oversight internal implementation, or we can help to round out your internal team with subject matter experts for execution.

Driven by Results

Our goal is to help define your goals and create a roadmap to achieve them.  We are here to help as long as we are needed, and not a minute more

What to Expect

We listen and gain an understanding your needs and provide an overview document with our understanding of your challenge and our solution, along with rates, timing, and deliverables.


We meet with stakeholders, teammates, and vendors, seeking access to technology, data, budgets, and brand materials. This comprehensive review reveals alignment and uncovers opportunities.

We deliver a focused roadmap, precise resource allocation, and budget recommendations, along with a clear ROI estimate. You can choose to implement this strategy with your team or rely on our expert support throughout the execution.