TC Rock Consulting

Driven by transparency and authenticity, TC Rock consulting provides Ecommerce, digital marketing, and consumer based strategy and execution tailored to the needs of your business.

Led by Tena Crock, an experienced senior level leader with over 20 years (yikes) of Ecommerce and digital marketing experience with a primary focus on direct-to-consumer companies.

Tena Crock

Navigating Business Growth: What We Do

To grow, businesses must:

1. Pinpoint valuable improvement areas.
2. Identify major growth obstacles.

With challenges ranging from market strategy to team building and tech integration, it’s crucial to replace ineffective methods with precise, actionable plans. Our approach ensures efficient use of resources and accelerates growth.

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How We Do It

Each business is unique and varies in its stage of growth. While our methodology has rigor, our approach is adaptable and tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our Process

Discovery and Insights

Interview stakeholders across all levels of the organization to assess the current state of 6 key growth dimensions

Deep Dive Analysis

Gain deeper insight into business needs and challenges by analyzing data such as analytics, KPIs, and customer research, and challenge current assumptions.

Strategy Review

Discuss the North Star Recommendation with stakeholders, pinpoint potential obstacles and opportunities that may impede achieving the vision, and evaluate competing or complementary priorities against the overall business strategy.

Recommended Strategy

Provide strategic recommendation, including prioritized action plans to transition from the current to the desired future state.


Carry out the action plans to implement the new Strategy. We can provide oversight for implementation of existing staff or we can help to round out internal team with subject matter experts.

Driven by Results

Our goal is to help define your goals and create a roadmap to achieve them.  We are here to help as long as we are needed, and not a minute more

Our Process

Understand your needs and provide an overview document with rates, timing, and expectation setting

Meet with key Stakeholders to ensure alignment – Misalignment across the organization is the single biggest point of failure for strategies to fall short

Provide a detailed proposal and timeline for implementation with KPI’s for accountability and weekly updates for transparency